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Office Manager:

Mrs Landria TORRES

After a first experience of 6 years acquired within a Parisian firm of about fifty people where she first joined a team of Chartered Accountants before joining that of Statutory Auditors, in collaboration with Thibault FAURE, Landria decided in 2010 to devote his activity to teaching accounting in a Parisian higher education establishment. Graduated in 2013 in Chartered Accountancy, she created her firm in the Parisian suburbs while continuing her teaching activity.

On the strength of the experience acquired in law firms and her teaching qualities, she joined in 2016 the firm RUBY, the management of which was entrusted to her. In addition to the need to offer our clients ever more advanced technical skills, Landria remains convinced that the quality of our support also lies in the relationship of trust and attentiveness that the firm maintains with each of its clients.

Accounting Department employees:

  • Sandrine QUEIJO

  • Laura MORNET

  • Cathy Dias

  • Christine TOZAN

  • Aline FERNAND

Social Department Collaborator:

  • Martial LAIGLE

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